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integratus systems

Exchange Platform Services

exchanges | platforms | systems | intelligence | markets

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Platform – Version 2.0 Release

  Intelligence Platform – Data Services Version 2.0 Released November 17 2017   About Platform   Platform develops a broader […]

How To Build Out A Proactive Competitive Market Intelligence (CMI) Program

Step-By-Step Approach To Help Market Insights Professionals Build Competitive Advantage …. Article: https://www.forrester.com/report/How+To +Build+Out+A+Proactive+Competitive+Market +Intelligence+CMI+Program/-/E-RES60857

Competitive Intelligence – CI For Beginners, Part 2: Engaging the Process

How do we take this academic model of intelligence, and put it to work?   …Each path you decide to […]

Competitive Intelligence – CI For Beginners, Part 1: What the Heck is Insight Work

It is much easier to answer what intelligence work DOES — it provides a 360-degree view of the past, present, and potential […]

18 Marketing Trends And Predictions From C-Level Leaders In China

CMOS and their teams will embrace AI in 2018 – Knowingly or Unwittingly The Future of Marketing is About Connection […]

The Definition of Security Intelligence

IBM Security Intelligence Product Expert offers strategy guidance to help IT security teams detect and respond to threats in today’s […]

Six Things You Always Wanted to Know about Security Intelligence but Were Afraid to Ask

  Answers to practical questions about Security Intelligence: What is Security Intelligence and why does it matter today? How do […]

What Is Security Intelligence and Why Does It Matter Today?

  “Security intelligence is the real-time collection, normalization, and analysis of the data generated by users, applications and infrastructure that […]

What Are the Benefits of Security Intelligence?

…let’s get down to brass tacks and review the benefits organizations are gaining from their SI deployments. Here are several […]

Competitive Intelligence 2.0: Turning the Web’s Big Data into Big Insights

Takeaways include: Understanding the Hierarchical Model for Competitive Intelligence which displays CI in four layers: content, information, knowledge, and wisdom. […]



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